For most people, New England is synonymous with picturesque small towns and scenic views of mountains, rivers, and fall foliage. This picture postcard portrayal of New England is amplified in virtually all forms of print and media by these idyllic representations of the region, and it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of America. But New England also has a history of industry and commerce that was built around its many harbors, rivers, and later, railways. The region is replete with old mill towns, many of which fell into neglect and decay following the decline of the great industrial era of the last couple of centuries, and some of which are now experiencing a revival as their old structures and public spaces are repurposed for modern civic life. This project aims to present a face of New England that is less often seen. It is the face of New England whose character has been shaped by the region's industrial past, the legacy of which is still visible in some of its towns, cities, and landscapes.