Another New England

For most people, New England is synonymous with picturesque small towns and scenic views of mountains, rivers, and fall foliage. But New England also has a history of industry and commerce that was built around its many harbors, rivers, and later, railways. This project aims to present a face of New England that is less often seen. It is the face of New England whose character has been shaped by the region's industrial past, the legacy of which is still visible in some of its towns, cities, and landscapes.


Bloodyback is a genre-bending, independent period horror film written and directed by Daniel Byers, and produced by Skyship Films. In addition to getting to do some production photography, I also got to appear in the film - in a small speaking role as a British redcoat, and later, as my "deadcoat" zombie self, following my death on the battlefield.

AIsha Moehamed, Music ProducerAIsha Moehamed, Music ProducerI want to make my way in Hip Hop and Rap. But when I tell people I’m into music, a lot of the time they assume that because I’m a woman I’m a writer or a singer. But I’m a producer. I’m the person behind the board, taking responsibility for the overall sound.

Whoever said “Time is money” might as well have been talking about working in a recording studio. It can be a very stressful environment for
musicians. They’re trying to make creative decisions while the meter’s running and everybody’s staring at them through the glass. My job is keep the artists relaxed and focused on the music. And I want to help them see the technology as helpful instead of intimidating.

I really got into producing a few years ago when I starting hanging out with my cousin in the studio. And it wasn’t just the technical stuff that
fascinated me, seeing how to set up mics and work the board and so on. I watched how he helped artists think through choices and make decisions. I saw how he knew when an artist needed some words of encouragement or a little tough love.

There are women in the music industry I really look up to, like Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot and Remy Ma, to name a few. They’ve all taken responsibility for their own careers. They don’t let men pat them on the head and run their lives. I take a lot of my inspiration from them. I’d like to think that someday I can be a role model for young women who dream of doing what I do.

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What You Don't Know About Me

This was a City Of Boston community arts project with 2017 Artist-In-Residence Charles Coe, with whom I have had the opportunity to work as a photographer on several occasions. Charles compiled a set of personal histories from people living or working in Boston's Mission Hill neighborhood and matched them with a photographic portrait of the teller. The goal was to offer combinations of image and story that create moments of surprise. And to encourage us all, in an increasingly divided society, to move beyond stereotypes and preconceptions and engage our neighbors with open minds.

Harvard Square

Harvard Square is a fascinating place and it's only about a mile from my home. I have been photographing the people and places of Harvard Square for more than 20 years now, and recording the changes that it has seen over the last couple of decades. The people and the businesses in the Square come and go, but the summer crowds of tourists have always been a constant, except during the strange and eerily quiet times of the pandemic. As developers move in and rents increase, I am hoping that the Square will be able to hang on to the wonderful and eclectic array of locally-owned businesses that have always given the place its unique charm.

Landscape Design Book

As a photographer it's immensely gratifying to see your work in print, and despite the instant gratification of our digital age I'm still a huge fan of printed books. I was commissioned to photograph a garden in Cambridge Massachusetts that had been created by the renowned French landscape designer Hugues Peuvergne. My photographs were included in a beautiful hardbound book that is a record of Hugues' wonderful landscape design work over the last few years and I was thrilled to be able to contribute to it. The book is available through Amazon, and although it is written in French, the many gorgeous pictures in it make the struggle with the language worth the effort if you don't speak French but are interested in really artful landscape design.


Lemax Farm Restoration

I was really delighted when a conservation group working with the Preservation Trust of Vermont and The Upper Valley Land Trust, approached me about photographing a historic Vermont farm that was originally featured in the Farm Security Administration's (FSA) iconic catalog of photography of rural American life in the 1920s and 1930s. A local fundraising campaign was able to raise enough money to fund the complete restoration of the interior and exterior of this historic building and I was thrilled to be given the assignment of photographing it for the campaign.